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(20 μs, 35.5 μs, 60 μs)

Our Early Streamer Emission devices are used as they have several advantages to provide a higher quality of protection. In an ALPS ESE device, there is an extra ionisation system that is activated due to the electromagnetic field built up by the storm which gives a larger radius of protection than the traditional device and directs the lightning to the tip of the rod before the current is grounded. Our ESE systems have been fully tested to NF C 17-102: 2011 standards and hold a certificate of conformity by the international certification organisation AENOR.

Origin: United Kingdom

Our ESE systems have been fully tested to NF C 17-102: 2011 along with additional tests.

  • ALPS ESE Radius of Protection:
    Radius of Protection: The radius of protection ‘Rp’ of an ALPS ESE is calculated by using the standard NF C 17-102 (September 2011). It depends on the ESEAT efficiency ‘ΔT’ of the ALPS ESE measured in a high voltage laboratory, on the levels of protection I, II, III or IV calculated according to the lightning risk assessment guides (NF C 17-102 annex A or IEC 62305-2) and on the height ‘h’ of the ALPS ESE air terminal over the area to be protected (minimum height = 2 m).
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