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At Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Ltd. we offer a full service including risk assessments, surveying, design, lightning protection system installation, annual testing and maintenance.

For more information on our services please contact us.

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Our early streamer emission systems can be used in various areas these include data centres, airports, railways, renewable energy sources, schools, government buildings, high-rise buildings, and more.


With our lightning protection projects we carry out a full risk assessment in conformance to the required standards.


We will survey the property to check the requirements that will need to be met for the lightning protection system install.


After the property has been checked we will design the lightning protection system ready for installation.


We can install a lightning protection system on your property using our ESE devices 

(To applicable standards).


Lightning protection systems require annual testing. When we test your systems certification is provided, we can do this on request.


It is crucial the system is kept in good condition. One off repairs can be made in the event of storm damage or vandalism etc.

All services are carried out by fully qualified trade partners

The UK, Ireland, and the surrounding seas typically experience an estimated 200,000 - 300,000 lightning strikes per year. Damage from lightning could include structure damage, fires, damage to IT / electronic systems, personal injuries, and more. Thanks to our highly trained professionals we can offer a risk assessment, upgrades, new installations, etc. Get in touch today regarding your requirements.

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