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With an extensive background in the engineering industry, we are fully equipped and are able to produce bespoke components upon request. Thanks to our in-house manual and CNC machining capabilities we are able to provide a service offering bespoke and custom products such as brackets, plates, fixings, and more in one-offs or in batches to your specification.

Manufactured to your requirements

In addition to our product range, we can also provide customised and bespoke solutions thanks to our in-house manufacturing capabilities. By using a CAD model, drawing, or even a sample we are able to manufacture components to your required specifications. There are many reasons a bespoke product may be required whether it's due to accessibility issues, non-standard fittings, etc. we are able to assist you and provide a bespoke solution. 

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To ISO 9001 Quality Standards

In the manufacturing process we ensure all parts and components conform to ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards. We also collaborate with approved suppliers who share our commitment to quality, ensuring a robust and efficient supply chain.


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