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How does an ESE device work?

Our ESE devices use a system which is an air terminal network, it incorporates a round body and a rod on top. The ESE device activates when there is an increase in the electric field which happens due to the difference in charges between the thunderclouds and the earth, the device then gathers the energy created by the electric field and then releases the energy ionising the surrounding atmosphere creating a path for the lightning strike to be safely grounded to earth.

Why choose Early Streamer Emission?

Our Early Streamer Emission devices are used as they are superior to the traditional Franklin Lightning rods and have several advantages to provide a higher quality of protection. In an ESE device, there is an extra ionisation system that is activated due to the electromagnetic field built up by the storm which gives a larger radius of protection than the traditional device and attracts the lightning to the tip of the rod before the current is grounded. In addition to the improved performance due to fewer parts and a good design, the ESE device has less of a visual impact on the property. An ESE system is also inexpensive and is often cheaper than traditional setups, as with the larger radius of protection where sometimes there may need to be several traditional rods installed the ESE device could cover the whole area alone.

Lightning Rod protection area

Traditional Rod

ALPS ESE Protection Area

ESE Device

Lightning storm

Innovative Design of ALPS ESE

We have designed and engineered our early streamer emission systems from the ground up in the UK. Our ESE devices have been carefully designed by our highly skilled and experienced engineers for the easiest installation possible. The ALPS ESE has a curved top designed to act as an umbrella preventing rain penetrating the device, the pole structure has also been designed to withstand high speed winds with a Factor of safety over 2 for winds up to 100 mph. Our devices are manufactured to ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards and have been tested to NFC 17 102: 2011

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For many years we have been manufacturing parts for ESE devices. During the manufacturing process, all work conforms to ISO 9001 Quality standards ensuring our ESE devices are made to the highest quality possible. By manufacturing our own products this also allows us to give the customer the best price to performance possible 

  • There is a larger radius of protection covering a greater area

  • Value for money as they are often cheaper than using various Faraday cages / Franklin rods

  • Better aesthetics as it has fewer parts than traditional systems

  • Less impact on the environment due to reduced raw material usage

  • Easier installation due to fewer parts and an innovative design

ALPS ESE (Early Streamer Emission) Device

Main advantages of having ESE