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Our Solution


Fully Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards


Tested to NF C 17-102 and certified by certification body AENOR

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Designed from scratch for efficiency and ease of installation


High grade stainless steel for protection against harsh conditions

5 Year Guarantee

Thanks to an innovative design and use of high-grade materials we can offer a 5-year warranty on all our ESE systems

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QR Code System

Every device is fitted with a QR code and supplied with a key tag, this enables the end-user to view the certification and the serial number of the device installed.

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Certified by AENOR

To ensure our customers can be confident our products are to the highest standards we have worked with AENOR; a leading organization in the certification of management systems, products, and services to gain a certificate of conformity for our ALPS ESE devices.

Device Authentication

ALPS devices have taken years of development, research, and testing to ensure our products are made only to the highest quality standards. We believe the end customer deserves to be confident in the product they have purchased which is why we are introducing the ability to authenticate your device so you can confirm the device you have purchased is a genuine ALPS-manufactured product from an approved supplier.

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There is a larger radius of protection covering a greater area

Value for money as they are often cheaper than using various Faraday cages / Franklin rods

Better aesthetics as it has fewer parts than traditional systems

Less impact on the environment due to reduced raw material usage

Easier installation due to fewer parts and an innovative design

What's Included

ALPS Early Streamer Emission Device (ESE)

ESE Stainless Steel Finial

ESE Stainless Steel Connector

QR code Key tag

Allen Key set


Get In Touch

+44(0) 1902 200687

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