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Lightweight Stainless Steel Masts Available Now!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022


We are happy to announce the addition of our new stainless steel masts to our lightning protection product range to mount our ALPS ESE Devices. The all-new stainless steel masts are available to order now, a system designed to be lightweight and easy to install with strong fixings to withstand harsh conditions. Our stainless steel masts are over half the weight of our larger 48mm galvanised option and are available in the following sizes.

  • 1m ST/ST Mast (To be used as an extension only)

  • 2m ST/ST Mast

  • 3m ST/ST Mast

  • 4m ST/ST Mast (2x 2m w/ coupling)

  • 5m ST/ST Mast (3m + 2m w/ coupling)

  • 6m ST/ST Mast (2x 3m w/ coupling)

Mast Height



1m ST/ST (For extension only)

1.9 kg

1 section

2m ST/ST

3.3 kg

1 section

3m ST/ST

5 kg

1 section

4m ST/ST (2m + 2m)

7.1 kg

2 sections

5m ST/ST (3m + 2m)

8.8 kg

2 sections

6m ST/ST (3m + 3m)

10.8 kg

2 sections


We aim to provide solutions to our customers that make our products easy to install while maintaining our high-quality standards, as we look to continually update and provide new and bespoke solutions to our product lineup in the future.


Contact us for a quote by phone, email, or alternatively press the button below and complete the form, simply send us your requirements and we will reply as soon as possible, as well as products from our range we can provide bespoke solutions to meet your requirements including connections, fittings and much more.


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