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Scannable QR codes for ALPS ESE devices

At Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Ltd we are continuing to provide innovative solutions with the use of technology, now applying QR codes to each ESE device we manufacture, along with supplying key tags with our products.

A simple solution helping transform the level of service to the end user, providing easy accessibility to any required documentation or information right from your fingertips.


How our QR codes work

Each product is given a unique QR code when manufactured. Details linked to the code include:

- Testing certification

- ESE circuit test date by the manufacturer

- Certificate of conformity

- The individual serial number of the product

The code can be scanned through a variety of apps, many phones come with a QR scanner which can normally be accessed through the camera or browser. Once scanned you have access to the details mentioned above and the file can be downloaded and saved.

Key tags that have the QR code attached to them are also included with the product, this gives you the ability to attach the tag at the bottom of the system making the documentation accessible from ground level.


After several years of long work, research and testing Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Ltd. have created the first fully tested and laboratory proven ESE device made by a UK engineering company.


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