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ALPS ESE devices gain AENOR certificate of conformity with a new ALPS ESE 20 product launching soon

Bilston, West Midlands (2nd August 2023) - Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Ltd. (ALPS) is happy to announce that after working closely with AENOR; The Spanish Association for Standardization ( We have now gained a certificate of conformity for all of our ESE systems including a new ALPS ESE 20 model after independent external testing and assessments by AENOR and the ITE Laboratory ( in Valencia, Spain were performed.

In order to gain the certificate of conformity AENOR required complete testing carried out through the ITE laboratory in Valencia, Spain, testing was carried out in accordance with the standard NF C 17-102: 2011; the results were validated for both previously tested devices ALPS ESE 35.5 & ALPS ESE 60 while our new product ALPS ESE 20 also passed all tests in relation to the standard.

ALPS ESE devices have now been developed and tested in collaboration with eight different facilities (including Universities, Testing Laboratories & Standardization bodies) including Warwick University, Sheffield University, Aston University, Manchester University, Cobham Technical Services (Element), ICMET Craiova, ITE Instituto Tecnológicode la Energía & AENOR. All testing laboratories were ILAC-MRA accredited through UKAS, RENAR, or ENAC to ISO 17025. This puts the ALPS ESE device amongst the most heavily researched and tested devices on the market.

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About AENOR:

AENOR is a leading organization in the certification of management systems, products and services, sustainability, and much more. AENOR is a private, independent, non-profit-making Spanish institution that contributes through standardization and certification to improve technology produced by companies. It was created by order of the Ministry of Industry and Energy on 26 February 1986, in accordance with the Royal Decree 1614/1985, and was recognized as a standardization organization and as an entity of certification by Royal Decree 2200/1995, following the law 21/1992 of industry.

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About ITE:

The ITE laboratories carry out continuous work to support the technological content of the products of the companies in our target sectors. The speed and reliability of tests and calibrations are one of the fundamental objectives that have led us to accreditation by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) of some of our laboratories.

With the aim of offering companies the maximum guarantee of safety and reliability, advising, carrying out tests, calibrations, and issuing reports and certificates, ITE has maintained an accreditation policy for its laboratories since 2002, these being recognized both nationally and internationally.

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About ALPS:

Established in 2017 Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Ltd.® is a leading UK provider of cutting-edge ESE lightning protection solutions, specialising in safeguarding structures and critical assets from the devastating effects of lightning strikes. With the use of innovative technology, we are the first and only UK company to produce laboratory-tested early streamer emission systems certified by a standardisation and certification association. Thanks to the use of advanced technology and modern methods we have successfully grown domestically providing our products to leading UK companies along with providing our high-quality systems internationally to companies in Europe and Asia. Our products embody precision engineering and uncompromising quality. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations and have built enduring partnerships with clients around the world, making a profound impact on safeguarding lives, assets, and operations in the face of nature's most formidable force.

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