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Our ESE devices have been tested by various testing facilities around the world. All of our devices have been tested to standard NF C 17-102, a European standard as BS EN-62305 doesn't apply to ESE units.

ESE lab testing


What have we tested?

All of our ESE devices have been tested for the following:

  • Marking Testing

  • Dimensional Testing

  • Environmental Testing

  • ESE Voltage Withstanding

  • ESE Efficiency - Measuring Early Streamer Emission

  • Wind Resistance Testing

All the tests performed on our devices were to the standard NF C 17-102: 2011 which are the current standards for ESE testing as of this writing (19th January 2021)

thunderstorm-3625405 0 saturation.jpg

Radius of Protection confirmed by Warwick University

The Rp (Radius of Protection) for our devices has been calculated in accordance with NF C 17-102: 2011 and has been confirmed by Dr. Daniel Peavoy (Ph.D., MMath / Innovation Manager / WMG SME Group) of Warwick University. 

"The calculations were done according to the standard NF C 17-102. The results are presented for the ALPS ESEAT device, using data provided by the company."

Testing and Rp (Radius of Protection) can be seen below:

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ESEAT Calculations Report from WMG - Edi

ALPS ESE Systems testing

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