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ESE Lightning Protection Systems Made in England

ESE Lightning protection devices tested and certified by leading testing facilities. We are proud to be the only engineering company in the UK to produce Early Streamer Emission systems certified by a standardisation association. 

ALPS ESE Devices 20, 35.5 & 60 ALPHA w shadow co

ALPS Lightning Protection products are displayed at Vietbuild HANOI 2023 International Exhibition

For the second consecutive year and in partnership with Hanoi Development & Transfer of Light Technology., JSC, ALPS ESE lightning protection products were displayed at the Vietbuild 2023 International Exhibition in Hanoi.

The exhibition had a scale of more than 1,000 stalls in relation to Construction and Building Materials, Real Estate, and Interior and Exterior Design.

Who Are We?

Advanced Lightning Protection Systems is the only engineering company based in the UK that specialises in state-of-the-art ESE systems to protect property from lightning strikes. We supply our systems to various companies including UK market leaders. Our ESE systems are designed using high-quality materials within the UK.

ALPS ESE Device installed in the UK
Several ALPS parts


Our trained and experienced engineers manufacture our ESE devices to ISO 9001 quality standards. Our ESE systems have also been tested by various leading testing facilities and conform to NF C 17-102: 2011. Our systems are suitable for various buildings and structures including solar panel fields, schools, churches, government buildings and more.

5 Year Guarantee

Thanks to our innovative design we are able to offer a 5-year guarantee on our early streamer emission systems

Early Streamer Emission Device set up
ALPS ESE Device installed on building 3D illustration


The Only UK Engineers

The only engineering company that produce proven and tested Early Streamer Emission devices in the UK

Quality Guaranteed

In the manufacturing process, all work conforms to ISO 9001: 2015 quality procedures

Tested & Certified

Our Early Streamer Emission devices have been fully tested to NF C 17-102: 2011 with a certificate of conformity by certification organisation AENOR (No: A28/000049)

Innovative Design

The ALPS ESE system has been designed from scratch not only for efficiency but for ease of installation and protection against harsh weather 


Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Ltd.

Unit 3, Hare Street


West Midlands

WV14 7DX

United Kingdom

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