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Our Lightning protection devices have been tested and certified by leading testing facilities and we are proud to be the only engineering company in the UK to produce fully laboratory tested and certified Early Streamer Emission systems. 

ALPS ESE (Early Streamer Emission) lightning device
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Who are we?

Advanced Lightning Protection Systems is the only engineering company based in the UK that specialises in state-of-the-art ESE systems to protect buildings from lightning strikes. We supply our systems to various companies including UK market leaders. Our ESE systems are designed using high-quality materials within the UK. 


Advanced Lightning Protection Systems strives to achieve the highest quality product in order to ensure that both individuals and their buildings are protected from the unpredictable threat of lightning.


Our lightning protection mechanism is designed to intercept the lightning strike before it hits the building and brings the electrical energy down to the ground safely, avoiding damage to the building or area.

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Quality Guaranteed

In the manufacturing process, all work conforms to ISO 9001 quality standards to create the best products possible

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The Only UK Engineers

The only engineering company that produce proven and tested Early Streamer Emission devices in the UK

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Innovative Design

The ALPS ESE system has been designed from scratch not only for efficiency but for ease of installation and protection against harsh weather 

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Tested & Certified

Our Early Streamer Emission devices have been tested and certified by several leading testing facilities giving you peace of mind that you will be protected


Thanks to our innovative design we are able to offer a

5-year guarantee on our early streamer emission systems

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Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Ltd.

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