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Product Authentication

We believe the end customer deserves to be confident in the product they have purchased which is why we are now introducing the ability to authenticate your device so you can confirm the device you have purchased is a genuine ALPS-manufactured product from an approved supplier. 

Authenticate Your Device

To authenticate your device you will need some simple information, which will include:

  • Product Model

  • Serial Number

  • Supplier / Distributor

The product model and serial number are provided with your device, this can be found around the top of the device or on the box your device comes in. The supplier / distributor is the name of the company you purchased your device from.

Getting your device authenticated is simple, once you have the required details head over to the authenticate page on our website; you can do this by scanning any of the QR codes supplied with your product and click the 'Authenticate' button or by visiting Once you have submitted the required information we will aim to reply within two working days.

When you authenticate your device we will check the information you provide against our records, once we confirm the authenticity of your product we will email you a copy certificate of conformity along with a confirmation of authenticity.


Why Authenticate Your Device

The amount of counterfeit products is continuously increasing and as we continue to grow and sell into new markets we want to ensure we do all we can so that the end customer can confirm they have been sold an authentic product, not only for quality purposes but also safety and traceability. All of our devices contain an individual serial number and we are able to trace the device back to the manufacturing process. 

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