Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Following our Special Offer email, some of you may have received, we have had feedback stating that Mr James Heatley of SafeStrike / David Andrews Products has been sending out emails pointing out flaws in the sales pitch.

After a number of years in development, a few minor setbacks but lots of desire and drive aided with some very clever people from the UK’s leading Universities and UK Engineers. Advanced Lightning Protection Systems were the first engineering company in the UK to produce a laboratory proven and tested working ESE device


Stating that BSEN 62305 does not recognise / endorse ESE devices? Mr Heatley is correct on this call. However, our Offer stated parts are manufactured to ISO 9001 as our engineering company is a British Standard Certified company that produces components to the highest of quality and our ESE devices have been tested to the NFC 17-102: 2011 standard, which is documented on all our paperwork and test certificates. The NFC 17-102: 2011 standards are European and are used as BS EN 62305 does not recognise ESE systems. We would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief outlay of our relationship with Mr Heatley. Back in 2012 Mr Heatley approached our parent company Mako Precision Engineering Ltd. asking them to design and manufacture machined parts for a new ESE device, to which Mako Precision Engineering duly delivered and have been supplying SafeStrike with all mechanical parts, including stainless steel rods for the last 8 years. During this time flaws in the product were identified but never rectified.

Advanced Lightning Protection Systems are a company formed in Feb 2017 and backed by its local council financially to produce a product that can be sold here in the UK and around Europe. During the development of the new product Wolverhampton council got Aston University and Warwickshire University onboard with us, Warwickshire University then got Manchester University involved too. In a huge joint effort, our new product was developed and sent for testing in several labs including ICMET Craiova and Cobham Technical Services while simulation tests were also performed at Warwick University and Manchester University. After the launch of the new product SafeStrike approached us stating he would buy the product off us giving himself the UK corner. To us as a company this would have been the easy way to make a quick turnaround in fortune, leave SafeStike with no UK competition and you the buyers of ESE devices with only one UK Supplier that has no competition driving his prices down and giving yourself Value for Money.

Unfortunately, Mr Heatley has not taken kindly to having competition and has circulated a few emails that are untrue and unwarranted. Plus, when asked for a copy of his certification stating his devices conform to NFC 17-102: 2011 Mr Heatley couldn’t or wouldn’t produce any with the only testing being available on his website of which we were unable to find the ‘ΔT’ which is the main component needed to calculate the Rp (Radius of Protection). We urge anybody purchasing any device intended for public safety to ensure they gain full laboratory certification along with their purchase.

The Board of Directors – Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Limited