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ALPS ESE 60 µs - Coming Soon!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

We are set to add to our line up of ESE lightning protection systems with a new Early Streamer Emission device which will provide a different Rp (Radius of Protection). Currently we provide an ESE lightning protection system with a ∆T (triggering advance) of 35.5 µs, while our second variation of the product will have a ∆T (advanced triggering time) of 60 µs. This lightning protection device will be the largest in our line-up, as stated in NFC 17-102: 2011 "The maximum value for ΔT, whatever are the test results, is 60 μs."


What does it mean?

Essentially this means our new ESE lightning system will provide a greater Rp (radius of protection) for areas that would require it. The radius of protection is calculated from the formula provided in NFC 17-102: 2011 shown below.

NFC 17-102 Formula

In the formula a value for 'Δ' is required, this is gained from testing in a high voltage lab on the ESE device. The test performed is from NFC 17-102: 2011 annexe C.3.5. For our new ESE lightning device the Rp (radius of protection) will be as follows.

*This is the largest Rp possible to relevant ESE standards*

Radius of Protection ESE Lightning

Currently our new ESE lightning protection device is undergoing testing to all relevant standards. Keep updated by following us on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn


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